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Yunnan Tyner Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in October 2018, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp. With a total investment of 800 million RMB, the company plans to produce 30 tons of traditional Chinese herbal hemp (CBD) annually. The investors of the company are successful enterprise operators with years of management experience, and meanwhile, they have absorbed a group of professional management, production, scientific research and marketing personnel. The company will focus on the production and sales of industrial hemp (traditional Chinese medicine hemp) products, and develop hemp and its products in an all-round and whole-industry chain. During normal operation, the annual production of CBD content of 80% reaches 30 tons. At the same time, in the development process of the company, it will gradually develop and improve the production process based on the production of CBD, and increase the CBD extraction amount of unit raw materials to expand the product output value. The company will further expand the production scale and develop the planting project of CBD raw materials when the later operation is stable and relevant scientific research is completed, so as to realize the industrial integration of product planting, production, processing and sales by taking the professional road. The company's herbal hemp (CBD) project has been approved by the public security bureau of Asan county. In the Jinshui area of Yuxi Dahua industrial park, 120 mu of newly acquired land are used to build CBD soaking rooms, processing workshops, raw material warehouses, finished product warehouses, new administrative, living service facilities, power distribution rooms, fire control and other ancillary facilities, forming the annual production capacity of 30 tons of CBD.

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